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Intel and AMD's cooperation in graphics and CPU portfolio

2018-09-05 16:26:58

Intel is working with AMD to produce chips for notebooks that pair Intel CPUs with AMD graphics processors in a small, lightweight design that meets the massive graphics requirements of top video games

According to famous analysts, this team seems to be effortless, but since the 1980s, AMD and Intel have not actually cooperated. In contrast, AMD and Intel have been fierce competitors, vying for the PC processor market, although Intel has almost always been a leader in this competition.

AMD recently introduced new products in its GPU business. This new Intel product no longer requires a powerful discrete graphics card, which will provide additional room for growth while enabling PC manufacturers to achieve this goal.
Build a design that does not require a full graphics card space and heat sink requirements.

Basically, it seems that Intel seems willing to work with its oldest competitors to help avoid one of the cheapest competitors. The good news is that consumers should benefit.

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