Screen resolution
Can I change the screen resolution?

Solution: Yes, you can. Move your cursor to the lower left-hand corner of the screen and type 'Control Panel' in the text box to display the results; select Control Panel > Adjust screen resolution. Alternatively, you can also right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Screen resolution.

Install apps
How do I install apps?

Solution: You can download Windows Store apps from Store. You will need to have a Microsoft ID to purchase and download apps from Store.

Printer not work
The printer does not work.

1. Make sure that the printer is connected to a power outlet and that it is turned on.
2. Make sure that the printer cable is connected securely to a USB port and the corresponding port on the printer.
Keyboard not respond
The keyboard does not respond.

Solution: Try attaching an external keyboard to a USB port on the computer. If it works, contact your dealer or an authorized service center as the internal keyboard cable may be loose.

No audio
No audio is heard from the computer.

1. The volume may be muted. Look at the volume control (speaker) icon in the taskbar. If it is crossed-out, click the icon and deselect the Mute all option.
2. The volume level may be too low. Check the volume from the volume control (speaker) icon in the taskbar. You can also use the volume control hotkeys to adjust the volume.
3. If headphones, earphones or external speakers are connected to the headphone jack on the computer, the internal speakers automatically turn off.

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